The Professional Science Master of Biotechnology Program (MBT) was founded in 2003 in the Biological Sciences Department at San Josť State University by three faculty members (William Murray, Chris Brinegar, and Sabine Rech) who were awarded a program development grant from the Sloan Foundation. The MBT program integrates advanced, hands-on training in laboratory-based biotechnologies from the Department of Biological Sciences with MBA-level business courses in management/marketing from the College of Business. The Department of Biological Sciences is highly regarded in the Silicon Valley for providing outstanding laboratory-based training, and the College of Business is ranked in the top 15% of Business Schools in the country.

This MBT program graduates highly trained individuals who have had direct exposure to the biotechnology corporate world and are ready to make immediate contributions to biotechnology companies. Graduates work in a variety biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies including Genentech, Affymetrix, Ilumina, Agilent Technologies, Abbott, Roche, Frost and Sullivan, and others.


This formal two-year degree program:

  • Prepares highly motivated students for successful biotechnology careers  immediately after graduation.

  • Provides an essential understanding of the biotechnology corporate environment and its current trends through a professional identity building experience.

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For additional information, email or contact Dr. Sabine Rech or Dr. Sally Veregge, Program Director, at 408-924-4832.

This program presented in partnership with the Sloan Foundation Science Master's Program

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