Stephanie A. Trewhitt


Advising Coordinator

Department of Biological Sciences


Contact Information:

San Jose State University

Department of Biological Sciences

One Washington Square

San Jose, CA 95192-0100


Office: Duncan Hall 237

Phone: 408-924-5096
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M.S. Biological Sciences 2002
Concentration in Organismal Biology, Ecology & Conservation
San Jose State University, San Jose, California

B.S. Biological Sciences 2000
Conservation Biology
San Jose State University, San Jose, California

A.A. Fine Arts 1994
Canada College, Redwood City, California







My research interests   lie mostly in California Mammals:



Some of my previous studies include Surveying the Biodiversity of Mammals in the San Lorenzo River Redwoods, Behavior and Food Habits of Canis latrans in the San Francisco Bay Region, Seasonal Abundance of Rodent Species in Different Habitats in the San Francisco Bay Region, Habitat Characteristics of Rodents along varying Elevation Gradients and Mammal Community Structure in Different Habitats in the Warner Mountains, Modoc Co. California.



Current studies in the Warner Mountains, CA

¨ Field research collecting data on the Small Mammal Diversity and ecology in different floristic communities.  Currently, this project collaborates with Biologists at  the National Forest Service in Alturas and Cedarville and UC Berkeley on the Grinnell re-survey project in the Warner Mountains. For more information go to…



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