Vitis californica Benth.

Common name: California wild grape.

Family: Vitaceae.

Flowering time: May-June.

Fruiting time: Late summer.

Habitat: Found in moist canyons, springs, and stream banks.

Range: Found in California in the Coast Ranges and Sierra Nevada foothills to Southwest Oregon.

Ecology: California wild grape enjoys full sun but can also do well in partial shade. It can re-sprout from the root crown after a fire.

Ethnobotanical information: Many tribes throughout California used the bark for toothaches and the wood was used to make bows for hunting. Raw grapes used for food by Ohlone, Karok, Pomo, Kashaya, and Tubatulabal Indians. Roots can also be used for making baskets, ropes, and fiber. Pomo Indians would soak the vines in water, remove the bark, and then split the wood into strands to use as thread for sewing.

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