Prunus ilicifolia (Nutt. ex Hook. & Arn.) Walp.

Common name: Holly leaf cherry.

Family: Rosaceae.

Flowering time: March-May.

Fruiting time: Late summer.

Habitat: Found in chaparral, oak woodlands and scrub in canyons and on dry slopes.

Range: Endemic to California, it is found in the Coast Ranges of Napa County to Southern California.

Ecology: Holly leaf cherry grows in full sun or partial shade on dry, rocky soils. It will re-sprout after fire from dormant buds located on the root crown.

Ethnobotanical information: Mahuna Indians used the bark, roots, and leaves to make cough medicine. The fruit was a delicacy and an important food source for the Tempalpakh and Cahuilla Indians. The fruit can be eaten fresh, and the seeds can be roasted. The Ohlone Indians also used the wood to make bows.

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