Garrya elliptica Lindl.

Common name: Silk tassel bush.

Family: Garryaceae.

Flowering time: January-March.

Fruiting time: Spring.

Habitat: Dry slopes and ridges in chaparral communities, mixed-evergreen forest, sea cliffs and sand dunes.

Range: Found in the coastal mountains from Oregon south to Santa Barbara County.

Ecology: Silk-tassel bush can tolerate direct sunlight on the coast but requires partial shade when found inland under harsher conditions. It is found in well-drained soils and is drought tolerant. This shrub is the tallest species in this genus and can reach 30 feet tall to a small tree.

Ethnobotanical information: Yurok Indians would harden the wood using fire and then use it to pry mussels off rocks. Pomo Indians used an infusion of the leaves to accelerate the start of the menstrual cycle.

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