Fraxinus latifolia Benth.

Common name: Oregon ash.

Family: Oleaceae.

Flowering time: March-May.

Fruiting time: Summer.

Habitat: Oregon ash grows in wet soils along streams and in moist canyons below 5,500 feet.

Range: West Washington, west Oregon and south along the Coast Ranges to central California.

Ecology: This relatively shade intolerant riparian species is the only ash native to the Northwest United States and California. It is a dioecious species meaning that male and female flowers are found on separate plants. The specimen in our garden is female.

Ethnobotanical information: Ohlone Indians placed leaves in their sandals as a snake repellent. Yokia Indians mashed roots and used them to heal wounds. Karok Indians used the roots to make baskets, and Yuki Indians used this plant to make tobacco pipes.

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