Chlorogalum pomeridianum (DC.) Kunth var. pomeridianum

Common name: Soap plant.

Family: Agavaceae.

Flowering time: May-August.

Fruiting time: Late summer to early fall.

Habitat: Found on bluffs, grasslands, dry slopes, open woodlands and chaparral.

Range: Occurs throughout most of southwestern North America.

Ecology: Soap plant is found on dry sites in full sun. The flowers open in the evening and close during the day and will sometimes open during daylight hours if it is very overcast and cloudy.

Ethnobotanical information: Native Americans mixed the crushed bulbs with water to produce a lather for cleaning clothing and baskets. They also used roasted bulbs to treat rashes caused by Poison Oak. The bulb is edible and very nutritious if fully cooked but can be toxic if eaten raw.

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